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capioIT was founded in 2010 to act as a trusted advisor supporting successful outcomes in emerging technology and geographic markets globally. It was founded by CEO Phil Hassey, who has 20 years experience in corporate strategy, consulting and market intelligence. capioIT is constantly "tilting the world view" providing unique, but grounded perspectives for clients.

The core of capioIT -

  • Capture – Focus on ensuring that you capture the current and future pulse of emerging markets and emerging technology.

  • Understand – Source information to ensure that all customers and stakeholders are able to understand and drive strategy to maximise engagement with their customers.


  • Collaborate – Through strategic partnerships we have ensured that a small regionally based firm has highly elevated levels of market engagement and influence across technology and geography.

  • Innovate – We are not satisfied with the current evolution of the analyst/research market. We have listened and engaged and we drive innovation through our engagement model, business culture, use of social media and relationships.

Business Principles


capioIT has naturally developed a set of business principles based on our experience and the desire to create a company that reflects our approach to business, and to life. When the CEO of capioIT, Phil Hassey first started work at Lend Lease (considered a highly ethical business, often to its own cost) in Australia, the first thing he was taught was “Do I want what I am doing now to be on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper”, or as we paraphrased it, “would your Mother be proud of your actions” ….

Reflecting this, we clearly embrace that a “trusted advisor” business survives solely on the reputation and integrity of the people within that business. Enhancing our reputation for integrity is fundamental in all we do.


Business Principles - Integrity requires:


  • Honesty and transparency

  • Humility

  • Understanding and respecting the unique cultures of the regions of the world in which we operate

  • Advise by listening first, then advising only after listening

  • Identifying and communicating potential conflicts of interest before they become an issue

  • Respecting Non-Disclosure Agreements, and commercial sensitivities

  • Compliance with appropriate laws such as copyright, environmental, data protection and privacy.



Business Principles – Investments:


  • capioIT does and will not hold direct shares or investments in any company (vendor or enterprise) that is either a customer, or significant component of capioIT research coverage.

  • Superannuation investments by the founders of capioIT are managed passively. We take no active part in investment strategy and only interact with our provider of superannuation as required from an administration perspective.



Business Principles – Research


A vendor cannot acquire or view a Capture Share (capioIT competitive and ranking research) report until it is publically available. This is to ensure propriety in the process and maintain the independence and integrity of the report.

This philosophy flows through all research that we undertake.



Business Principles – White Papers


Very rarely capioIT agrees to write commissioned research notes. This is done under restrictive circumstances. In order to agree to participate in this type of research, capioIT holds the following key requirements of the research.


  • Research Agenda – A research topic has to be significant, current and innovative. Any technology and investment covered in the paper has to add to the overall “IP” of the industry.

  • No Direct Comparisons – capioIT will not directly compare enterprises, products or vendors against each other.

  • Editorial Control – capioIT must maintain editorial and methodological control of the research process. The research must be able to stand up and meet clear and reasonable tests of rigour and independence



Like capioIT and the industry, these business principles constantly evolve. Please contact Phil Hassey, at or @Phassey if you have any questions or comments.



Geographic Coverage 


capioIT is focused on Emerging markets. Our geographic coverage naturally reflects this. As a result we focus the majority of our research and client effort on

·         Asia Pacific

·         Middle East Africa

·         Latin America

The most important of these regions is of course the Asia Pacific region. We provide insight and coverage across the breadth of the Asia Pacific region. capioIT is regularly engaged on other emerging markets, most notably South Africa, the UAE, Chile and Brazil.




Industry Coverage


capioIT provides a cross industry view of markets covered. Specialty industry coverage is focused in the following markets:

Natural Resources – Mining,  Oil and Gas, Engineering  

Public Sector – State and Federal

Retail – Distribution, Traditional Retail, Multi-channel Retail, Commercial Property



Market Coverage


Key areas of market coverage include:

  • Analytics

  • Big Data

  • GIS

  • Cloud Computing and Service Delivery Models

  • Democratisation of IT

  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Offshoring





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