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Vendor Consulting
capioIT has an enviable reputation in driving projects that capture and understand specific business challenges and market characteristics to identify, and enable delivery of the most appropriate business strategy.
These services enable a vendor to:
  • Identify and assess the most appropriate geographic location for customer success
  • Validate business decisions through tangible and robust market analysis, forecasts and process driven             competitive analysis  
  • Identify your most valuable audience and create content that specifically meets their needs to drive engagement to your business
A key differentiator for capioIT is that we are an analyst firm established and built in the current environment. We have established capioIT without the need to linger with old and outdated approaches to taxonomies, insights and market analysis.
A range of research methodologies and tools developed by capioIT are highlighted below. In order to maximise outcomes typically projects are delivered using an integrated range of methodologies.
Capture Share Reports


The Capture Share report is the methodology that capioIT leverages to rank and position vendor capability.  Whilst typically it is prepared in a traditional analyst report and subscription model it is also a key tool for improving outcomes of consulting.
How is it used?
At capioIT we have undertaken a number of Capture Share report based projects. The tool has been utilised as part of end user consulting to support vendor selection, vendor competitive analysis and vendor marketing. Customised Capture Share reports have also been commissioned to support and inform merger and acquisition efforts alongside providing investment decision support for institutional investment managers.
For detailed information on the capture share report please see :- 
Case Study
An Asia Pacific based pension/superannuation investor leveraged a customized capture share report to help position a targeted investment from the perspective of both the domestic market and the broader region in which it operated.
The client was able to use the analysis to understand the competitive context of the vendor at differing geographic levels and across service offerings. It was able to align this independent analysis with the subjective analysis provided by the service provider.
The impact of the capture share research was significant. It led to a change in the investment terms as the buyer was able to more objectively position the overall capability of the firm they were considering investing in.
Market Forecasts


One of the cornerstones of capioIT’s experience is expertise in market forecasts across a range of emerging technologies and geographies.  When capioIT was established in 2010 a clear priority was to establish the foundation of how capioIT will report on the IT market in emerging markets. The timing was perfect with the growth in new technologies such as cloud and the subsequent transformation of how organisations buy IT. The alignment of new technology acquisition and delivery creates a model by capioIT that is unique and clearly differentiated in the marketplace.
There are two dimensions the Objective and the Method. Simply the Objective model highlights what enterprises (or agencies) are looking to achieve with IT investment. The Method model considers how the IT or business services provider provides the service. The methodology is designed to enhance go-to-market measurement for vendors and provide granular detail that is otherwise lost in more traditional and static models.
Case Study
For a global IT Services provider, capioIT provided deep information on the market opportunity for delivery of cloud services in a number of key Asia Pacific and Middle East Africa markets. The analysis enabled the client to understand both what the anticipated buyers were trying to achieve, but also how their delivery capabilities were to be constructed as a result of granular market information.
The unique approach to analysis by capioIT enabled  the client to also understand the shifting dynamic of the market. It highlighted where the market change was being driven and where cloud related expenditure was coming from within the overall market. This was considered invaluable by the client and a quantifiably more accurate and objective approach.
Qualitative and Quantitative Research


capioIT is equally experienced with both qualitative and quantitative research across the Asia Pacific region. In markets where English is not the language of business we are able to leverage partners to offer local language capabilities in markets such as Korean, Japanese, Arabic etc. This local language capability can be for both spoken and written research. Methodologies used for qualitative and quantitative research also cover the full range. Whilst face to face interviews are the usually most valuable process from an information extraction perspective, capioIT is able to undertake a range of methodologies from online surveys to focus groups.  
Case Study
For a global software firm, capioIT was asked to identify, then interview, a range of potential customers. These customers, (a mix of private and public sector) were then interviewed by phone to understand their demands for the category of technology sold by the vendor, as well as an awareness of the competitive environment. As a result the vendor was able to fine tune their go-to-market strategy and also identify a time frame when it was essential to offer a SaaS model to its prospective client list.
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